It is definitely the Chinese chives that I bought before we left on vacation, that were starting to decompose in the fridge creating a most pungent aroma that made it all the way to the freezer. Where the ice cubes live.  (Where there is an automatic ice maker that hasn’t worked since I purchased the fridge over three years ago.) I made a point of cleaning the house before we left, so that we could come home to order.  But I forgot about the chives.

So, traveling to Europe. Well- we did it. I’m having a bit of trouble debriefing/processing the trip because of the realization that I’m clearly not a Batman. There are times when I want and need to be in charge of things- but traveling is clearly not one of them. I thought that it was something that I could learn or grow into. But I am too often in a semi-state of being  perplexed, confused and anxious. I try to fake confidence, but can’t seem to hold that for long. This trip confirmed that. I assume that part of that comes from being directionally challenged. I try to read maps, but struggle. I lose my bearings in a flash and discombobulation sets in. Once that happens, I become flustered and the confidence evaporates.

In travel, I am a Robin in need of a Batman. That’s important to know about yourself when traveling. Two Robins traveling together can be a disaster. Two anxious travelers can quickly become paralyzed by indecision and fear. Not overwhelming fear- just kind of a scared paralysis that makes it difficult to navigate a new place. Inconsequential  decisions become weighty and complicated.  The fear of making the wrong decision that might lead into an embarrassing or expensive mistake raises the stakes.  Conversely, two Batmans are probably fine- and may only run the risk of arguing over what sight to see first or what adventure to take. Two Robins may end up, night after night, dining in their hotel restaurant, too timid to wander out into the unknown world alone.

I’ve placed two teacups full of baking soda in the fridge. Well, one in the fridge and one on the freezer. When I was searching for the offending odor, I also found rotting bok choy,  lettuce and what I think was part of a potato.