My garage. It is full of stuff. But I can happily say that at this moment it is less full of stuff! I took several bags of stuff to Goodwill this morning. And I did some reorganizing, some breaking down of boxes and lots of sweeping. I secretly want to turn my garage into a kind of workshop. That is not filthy. But that is also not shiny floored Kardashian either. Somewhere in between.  But artsy. I want a place where I can paint. And make shit. And maybe still park a car.

I am making potatoes. Well, nature and a farmer somewhere actually made the potatoes, I’m just cooking them. With shallots. And leeks. And garlic, And onion. Like breakfast style.

I took a walk this morning- even though I did not get up until 7. It is a gorgeous day. Chilly but beautiful. I wonder who will get elected in France. I hope it’s not that horrible, horrible woman.

Coffee is a wonderful thing.  Life is good.