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My Mom is not speaking to me. Again. I took my parents  grocery shopping last Sunday and everything was fine. (Today is Wednesday.) I called them on Monday and they were in the middle of some epic battle- so my Dad couldn’t talk. I called last night and everything was fine. I called this morning and suggested that I come by and take my Mom shopping on my lunch break, and drop off some papers. My Dad said he didn’t think that was a good idea. I suggested that we have dinner on Thursday and my Dad said that he didn’t that was a good idea. He actually said, “I think we’re gonna need to beg off for a while.”  Beg off for a while.


Beg off is a phrase from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s what creepy Patricia Neal says to young  George Peppard on the phone, when her husband shows up, early and unexpectedly and she has to cancel on Georgie. Or, its what your Dad says to you when your Mom hates you. And he probably low key hates you too.

Okay.  I’m like, all over the damn place with my parents.  I don’t do so well with all of the- they like me, they don’t like me. And all the they need me but they resent me for being there for them. If I do too much, they find reasons to get angry with me. If I do too little- ditto. As Cathy once said, “ACK”!